Monday, September 1, 2014

Leave it to Chance

Being alone with my thoughts for a very long time always made me nervous. It seemed that even when no one was around, I needed someone to tell me how to go on. But it wasn't until I had set out to find a life of my own that I realized how helpless I was. In fact, it seemed that a bird pushed from the nest into the mouth of a cat below had a better chance than I did.

If by chance you happen by
and I am not around
leave a small note by the door
I will let you know where I can be found!
Now that I am a very old woman, I see that what I didn't realize was that leaving life to chance is more fun than having a plan. The adventure wrote the plan for each day and even after I married, I tried to keep a part of my freedom hidden away. I immediately became apparent that the other person had ideas about what I should say and stand and walk. Freedom, it turned out, was not as easy to guard at it seemed.

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