Monday, September 8, 2014

Yesterday Was a Very Good Day...

In the world of a 6 year old, most days are very good. In Brayden's case this day was like every other. He woke up and chose his clothes he would wear. There was no doubt that the shirt would have a piece of artwork on the front. His pants were the ones on the top in his drawer. They didn't matter anyway. He wore rubber shoes with no socks and power ranger underwear. He loved his underwear.

Little brother was already coming down the hall when he stepped out his door. Trouble on wheels would be how an adult would describe that little guy. Brayden on the other hand thought of him like he did air and sunshine. Sometimes it sunny and still and sometimes it was not. But always necessary to get by. That is the way little brother was.

Everyday was just the same. Perfect to begin with. The proof was in the passing of time. He would wait to decide until the day was over. Then he would make a mental note so he could remember the day tomorrow. Then he would say "Yesterday was a very good day!"...usually.


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